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Providence Business News: Wireless Zone Franchisee Elaborates on Industry Trends
Don Somers speaks on the industry changes and predictions since opening Providence location in 1998

Don Somers has owned the Wireless Zone franchise in Providence since 1998 and has seen many changes the wireless industry since he first opened shop. He recently spoke with the Providence Business News about some of these changes, trends and his predictions for the industry looking forward. 

"Eventually, everything will be wireless," he told the Business News. "So far we have only scratched the surface. In other countries, you can purchase soft drinks, snacks, anything that can be placed in a vending machine with your wireless device."

Wireless Zone has been around since the 1980's, so the brand really has seen it all. In fact, when Somers first opened his location in '98, he was doing business as "The Car Phone Store!" To this day, they still pride themselves on being a neighbor and knowing exactly what the community wants and expects. 

"We work with every guest that enters our store like they are a relative, friend, neighbor or business associate to get them into the most cost-effective answer for their wireless needs," Somers said. "It’s because of this practice that we not only get a huge repeat business clientele, but those same friends of ours are also our best advertising medium because they will not allow their friends and/or family to go anywhere else for their wireless needs."

You can view the entire article here.