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How Wireless Zone is Answering The Call for Development in 2016
Wireless Zone helped build the cellular phone industry from the ground up. Now, the franchise brand is poised to answer the next major call.

There’s a telling moment in the 1989 cult classic film Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure when the title characters first meet Socrates (that’s So-crates, for the uninitiated).

“I’m Bill, and this is Ted,” they tell the Ancient Grecian philosopher, as he stands marveling at their state-of-the-art 1980’s phone booth. “The future is calling, dude.”

Just 25 years later, we are the ones marveling at such ancient technology. Analog phones? Attached to land lines? That you can’t take with you?

It all seems so archaic.

It also shows just how quickly the communications industry is changing.

“Mobile devices impact almost every aspect of our daily lives,” said Kevin Downs, director of marketing for Wireless Zone. “Everyone has them. Everyone uses them. And, that impact goes far beyond just phone calls now. There are new advancements in wireless technology almost daily, and they impact the way we live our lives. The biggest opportunity, that’s largely untapped at this point, is providing and supporting all of that new technology. What makes Wireless Zone so unique is that we not only sell the phones, but also offer all of the services that surround them.”

Originally founded in 1988 as The Car Phone Store, Wireless Zone helped build the cellular phone industry from the ground up. Now, as the nation's largest wireless retail franchisor, ranked the No. 1 franchise in its category by Entrepreneur Magazine, the brand is poised to answer the next major call, as the industry’s impact gets even bigger. As devices become more technical, and thus, more complicated for consumers, services designed to educate, support and guide will become more valuable than ever. That’s one area where Wireless Zone is already capitalizing.

“Wireless technology will very quickly become a critical part of how we talk not just to each other, but to the other devices we count on to make our lives better and easier,” Downs said. “Many people already use their smartphones as their primary device for getting online. Soon, we’ll use them to communicate with everything from our homes to our cars. Setting those systems up for seamless success, and enabling our customers to understand and operate them, put Wireless Zone in a unique position for quick success.”

Many of the exciting advancements are already here. Mobile phones can now monitor and update your home security system based on whether or not the owner is home. Intelligent lighting systems, run through mobile cellular platforms, sense when someone walks into and out of a room. Phones and tablets already operate everything from your television to your car’s air conditioning system.

Wireless Zone is already tapping into these future revenue streams. The brand’s hands-on approach keeps franchisees on the cutting edge of technology, and allows them to create rewarding experiences for customers.

“Wireless Zone’s job is to provide the right type of support and guidance that will help our franchisees focus on what’s important: the needs of their customers. That’s why we are taking such an active role in these new emerging technologies. We’re putting our franchisees on the cutting edge of success.”

Wireless Zone’s focus on technological advancements and commitment to customer support has the brand poised for rapid expansion in 2016. The brand plans to target locations across the country, focusing initially on large population centers including the Chicago, South Florida and North and Central Texas Metro areas. Wireless Zone’s nearly recession-proof, finance-friendly franchising model makes the brand an even more attractive investment.

“We’re not looking to grow just to grow,” Downs said. “We want smart, targeted growth in areas where we can support our customers. The future is far beyond just selling devices. Our stores are successful because we combine the right strategy with places where our service is in high demand. That’s why we’re in such a strong position to grow.”

For the incoming class of Wireless Zone franchisees, the future truly is calling.