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The Times-Mail: Wireless Zone Business Owner Discusses How Brand Evolves Alongside Changing Technology
Darren Fortner, a Wireless Zone franchisee, explains how joining Wireless Zone allowed him to scale his business while remaining a family operation.

Darren Fortner was recently named to Wireless Zone’s Winner’s Circle as one of the top franchisees in the system, and the Times-Mail spoke with Fortner about his history with the brand and his incredible success.

The article starts by mentioning Fortner’s family history with wireless technology, and most recently, with Wireless Zone. Specifically, the article touches on the incredible advancements he has seen in his time in the business, and he mentions how joining with Wireless Zone allowed him to scale his business while remaining a family operation.

Said Fortner, "It basically allowed us to act as a 400-store operation...but yet maintain our family owned business.”

The paper also spoke with Wireless Zone vice president of business development Jeff Panella, who said that Fortner is a model franchisee in the system.

"He's involved in his business. He's engaged in the community, and he's got some of the best customer ratings in our company. It's an honor to have somebody like Darren in our system. He's a model

for other franchises, and he's got a great business mind as well," Panella said.

Despite the accolades, Fortner gave the credit to those who work in his stores on the front lines, saying, “It's a lot less of what I did, but a lot more about what my staff did. We have amazing front line people who handle our customers and amazing wireless consultants. They're excellent at what they do."

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