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The Loudon Times-Mirror: Wireless Zone Franchisee Gives Back To Military Families One Phone At A Time
Wireless Zone franchisee Sean Moran has made it a priority to raise funds for Fisher House Foundation.
Wireless Zone franchisee Sean Moran has been raising funds for Fisher House Foundation—a charity that provides lodging for military families while their loved ones are undergoing medical treatment.

Moran has two Wireless Zone stores in Herndon and South Riding, Virginia and makes it a priority to give back to people in need.

"We want to do as much as we possibly can and I can tell you...it's not an easy amount for us as a small business," Moran said. "It's difficult to do stuff like that, but I recognize the value of helping others."

So far, Sean has raised about $1,300 and is continuing to raise funds for the charity up until September 15, 2016.

“My goal would be that more people come in and get devices and we can donate even more,” said Moran. “We definitely have capacity to handle more customers, so we would be happy to ... have more people come in and help us to do that.”

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