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Holland Sentinel: First Time Business Owners Find Success as Wireless Zone Franchsiees
Darryl and Becky Bartlett operate four Wireless Zone locations in Michigan.

In 2009, Darryl and Becky Bartlett decided to start a business. When researching their options, they knew they wanted to prioritize two things: a business that they could run as a family, and one that they could serve the community with. The answer was Wireless Zone.

"I just happened to do a search of various businesses I thought would be both viable long term and something that we could serve the community together as a family," Darryl Bartlett told the Sentinel. "I found Wireless Zone, which is a master agent exclusive to Verizon Wireless. I researched them, I talked with a number of other owners and one of the things I found that was unique was that many of them were run by families where they had a husband and wife involved."

Today, Bartlett owns and operates four Wireless Zone stores in Michigan. The primary store and office are located in Holland. They also own and operate stores in Plainwell, Wyoming and Lansing.

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